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Eliminating Aversives in Training: If Dogs, Then Why Not Horses?

by Catherine Bell

I remember it so well. I was reading my first book on dog behaviour and was impressed. —the trainer was pictured happily walking a collection of dogs off lead, the book was endorsed by an eminent natural horsemanship trainer I then* rated highly, and it contained practical advice about how you could ensure a dog behaved as desired by humans.

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Relapse of Conditioned Fear in Horses: The Four R’s

by Robin Foster

My 18-year-old thoroughbred is a warrior in most respects. He barely flicks an ear at a motorcycle speeding past as we cross the road; he nods politely and winks at a large coyote standing at the trail’s edge (in truth, the wink may just be a tic in his bum right eye); and he grazes without pause as a giant red cedar is felled in the adjacent field.

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