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Case Study: Linda and Joe

by Renee Hall, CDBC

Primary complaint or reason for visit: Touch to rear (just above tail) caused charge, multiple contact open- and closed-mouth bites.

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World Within a World – Changing Lives

by Heddie Leger
Every Monday morning, when I enter the correctional facility, walk through the metal detector, scanner, and guardroom, put on a body alarm and walk across the yard where hundreds of felons comingle, I ask myself “What am I doing here, and why do I continue to serve this population?”

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The Perils of Placing Marginal Dogs

by Trish McMillan Loehr

Back in 1998 I had been volunteering with shelter dogs for a couple of years and was firmly convinced that there was a home for every dog out there … somewhere. With training, work, and love, we could fix them all!

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Service Dogs: Ethics and Education

by Barbara Handelman

Most Americans are familiar with the presence of service animals. From the standard-bearer guide dog for the blind to the much photographed but rare service mini-horse, their stories are more and more visible. Sometimes we tell those stories in order to laud an impressive act of bravery or kindness, and other times to mock or cast doubt on a more suspect public pet.

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